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Ficathon VI: Master Post

This is the Master Post for jd_ficathon VI

for archae_ology, lilyleia78 wrote Some Roads (aren’t meant to be traveled alone)
for bertybertle, prehistoric_sea wrote Still on West Africa Time
for brainofck, theemdash wrote There's No Such Thing as a Brontosaurus
for captainlogic, starglyph wrote A Kiss Worth Waiting For
for chattycatsmeow, kuonji14 wrote Water
for green_grrl, maab_connor wrote Ordinary is All Perspective
for jai_takes_over, lokei wrote Still Waters
for jd_junkie, limerencelove wrote Decurro Astrum - To Sail the Stars
for justhuman, captainlogic wrote Fishing is a Four Letter Word
for karitawyr, jai_takes_over wrote Thinking Things Through
for craftypug, tresa_cho wrote Got ‘im
for kuonji14, princessofg wrote You Never Get a Second Chance to Make a First Impression
for lazigyrl, melayneseahawk wrote Rituals
for lilyleia78, lazigyrl wrote In Our Own True Way
for limerencelove, mornincamper wrote Nosce Te Ipsum – Know Thyself
for lokei, advection wrote A Minor Adjustment
for maab_connor, stagnation13 wrote Sistine
for melayneseahawk, green_grrl wrote Loosing the Chimera
for mornincamper, chattycatsmeow wrote The Sweet Course
for padfootthegrim, karitawyr wrote Existentialism and Peach Pie
for advection, sorcha_gaia wrote The Magician’s Apprentice
for prehistoric_sea, brainofck wrote Not a Public Service Announcement
for rivulet027, jd_junkie wrote Summer’s Lease
for sidlj, justhuman wrote Something I Remembered
for skies_0f_blue, tresa_cho wrote Just Trust Me
for sorcha_gaia, bertybertle wrote Gene Genie
for stagnation13, archae_ology wrote The Beginning at the End
for starglyph, sidlj wrote Hidden Truths
for theemdash, advection wrote The Dances of Uzume
for tresa_cho, maab_connor wrote We Are All Captured Beasts (Part 2)
for whimsicalwhims, rivulet027 wrote The Origin of Love
for writinginct, padfootthegrim wrote The Things We Couldn’t Say

This list we be updated as the outstanding fics are posted.

Please remember to thank your writer. We all worked hard to make this happen!
Tags: ficathon_vi, master_posts

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